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Rev. Eusebius Mbidoaka-Guys, Ph.D., S.T.D.


Dearest beloved in Christ,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to St. John the Baptist Catholic School, West Frankfort in the Catholic Diocese of Belleville, Illinois. St. John’s school is dedicated to the spiritual and academic formation of all the children entrusted to its care. The exemplary faculty and staff of our school, work diligently to create a safe learning environment where every child regardless of academic or financial need, can grow in their relationship with God.  Throughout the year students are educated and nurtured to grow in their personal relationship with God, to serve others, to learn about the Catholic/Christian faith, to receive the sacraments and worship together. They participate in weekly Masses, Prayer Services, Sacramental Preparations, Advent and Lenten Penitential Services/Stations of the Cross and other celebrations of the Church Year. 

Since our founding in 1921, St. John the Baptist Catholic School has provided a faith-filled and academically rigorous experience that forms both the mind and the heart. Our faculty and staff work together with our students and their families to create a vibrant and thriving community. We see our students’ gifts as given by God and therefore take responsibility for returning them to God fully developed. Because the intellectual growth of our students is a spiritual imperative, St. John the Baptist Catholic School implements best practices in teaching and learning that result in significant gains for our students.

St. John the Baptist School provides a Catholic and Christian education of the highest quality within a safe and nurturing environment. We seek to engage our students both intellectually and spiritually, putting them on the path to College and Heaven. Our school provides a challenging, faith-filled, educational experience that serves as the foundation for a life lived in service to Jesus, the Church and Community. We educate our students to graduate to compete favorably in the wider society so that they can become:

  • Critical and creative thinkers who demonstrate strong work ethic and self-discipline.

  • Collaborates with others to solve problems.

  • Goal-oriented and not only ready, but eager, to face the challenges of our ever-changing world and global economy.

  • Academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually prepared to prosper in a technological world; and

  • Maintain a strong foundation of literacy, mathematics, social sciences, technology, and the arts upon which new knowledge is easily attained.

The above commitments of St. John’s School are carried out in a nurturing atmosphere emphasizing love, prayer, service, and leadership. That is why St. John’s School is what is right for every child in this postmodern society.

Thank you,

Rev. Eusebius Mbidoaka-Guys, Ph.D., S.T.D.

Rev. Eusebius Mbidoaka-Guys, Ph.D., S.T.D.
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