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My Name is Stephanie Ranee Newsom aka Mrs. Stephanie.

Some of my titles are wife, mom, step mom, adoptive mom, a foster mom, dog mom, coach and teacher. 

I love to serve God! And I try very hard to be a team player. I clap loudly when others grow and win.  I am not afraid to hit problems head on so they can be solved. I enjoy singing and working in the yard. I am a look at the sky kind of a girl but try to keep myself grounded with much prayer.  

My classroom is very community oriented. We learn to be kind and respectful. We also learn to explore, observe and discover. We learn to play cooperatively by trying different roles and enhancing our communication skills. We develop print awareness of colors, numbers, shapes, letters and their sounds. Making sure we master skills for a firm foundation of comprehension and self help skills.  Building on tactile awareness and hand eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills for writing and future athletes. 

PreK skills show up for the rest of one's life.  From behavior, self esteem, the willingness to try again and the desire to learn. 

My deepest belief is this:  First you have to teach a child they are loved. ONLY then are they ready to learn everything else! It is not enough to say you love them, it is necessary that they are aware that they are loved! 

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