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Hello! I have been the Music Director/organist at St. John the Baptist Church

since 2011. My duties include preparing the music for all masses, directing the adult

choir, cantors, servers, Eucharistic ministers, and children’s choir. Within a few months,

I was hired to teach classroom music, instrumental music, choir, computers, and

religion. In 2021 I took on the role of PSR director. My life is here!

I was born and raised in Johnston City, started playing piano at 10 years old,

began playing the clarinet a short time later. Attended all the music festivals from 6 th

grade on through high school, including the annual band festivals at Murray State

University in Murray, Kentucky. I loved it so much and learned so much there that I

enrolled there as a Freshman in the fall of 1981 as music education major. I cherish

both the education and the friendships from that time of my life.

I have worked in the retail music business, medical claims, photography, sales,

as full-time jobs and all the while had part time jobs doing music.

I feel that God gave me the talent so I must pass it on to the next generations.

Music and extra-curricular activities bring variety to education. If a student is being

bullied unmercifully, music can become their ‘out’. That’s my experience anyway. God

and music saved me as a teenager.

I just want to pass it on!

Come and join us at St. John’s!

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