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My name is Denise Wright, I am the principal at St. John the Baptist Catholic School.I also teach third and fourth grades. I have been at St. John's for six years. I have been married to my husband Rick for 23 years. We have one dog, Jack. I also have 4 children, 7 grandchildren, and 2 great grandchildren.

I have lived in West Frankfort, Illinois all my life. I graduated from FCHS in 1974. I then attended John A. Logan College and SIU Carbondale. My degree is in Elementary and Special Education.

I taught in the West Frankfort public school district for 30 years, teaching Special education LD classes, second grade, and third grade. 

Before teaching in the school system, I gave piano lessons in my home.

As principal of St. John the Baptist Catholic School, I would like to create the focus on teaching and learning by holding  teachers accountable for providing high-quality instruction for students every day. I also would like to help our students to grow academically, physically, emotionally , and spiritually.

I support all the students and teachers at St. John's. I feel we are a family that lifts each other up in all aspects of our education and daily lives.

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