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Do we belong at St. John the Baptist Catholic Elementary School?

Whether you identify as Catholic, Baptist, Christian, Non-Denominational or otherwise, one thing is true. We all love the Lord, and as a parent, it is our duty to train our children up in the ways of the Bible, so that we help them build a solid foundation that will benefit them for eternity. Proverbs 22:6 says that “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

At SJS, we welcome students of any all backgrounds and religious affiliations. Rest assured that your child will receive not only a quality education, but your child will be allowed to express themselves individually while learning about foundational lessons in prayer, loving one another, walking with Christ and attending services to worship and learn about the common God we all share.


Do we belong at St. John the Baptist Catholic Elementary School?

Many future colleges and employers prefer a diploma from a registered and recognized school, like St. John’s. Our education is second to none, as we are the only non-public school in Franklin County that is officially registered and recognized by the Illinois Board of Education.

By registering and being recognized with the ISBE it means that St. John’s provides pertinent data that other public schools do, and agrees to adhere to the same standards in terms of safety, quality of education, graduation requirements and nondiscrimination policies.

Additionally, we are a member of the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA), and are one of 25 other schools in the Southern Illinois area that are part of the Diocese of Belleville.

What is a typical day like at St. John’s?

Each morning, students arrive at our school and head to their classrooms for a full day of learning. We know students do their best work in the morning, so we start our day with math and reading classes, followed by lunch, recess, fine arts like music and religion studies in the afternoons. Twice a week our students take part in physical education and every Friday, our students participate in a morning mass session. This special time for our staff and students offers the opportunity to learn about the Bible, sing songs in worship, pray and hear a special message from Father Mbidoaka.

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